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Door Handling – Wood Doors

1. Doors should be treated as a piece of furniture: they should be handled with clean gloves to avoid greasy stains and marks.
2. Doors must not be dragged on hard surfaces or across one another. Use at least two individuals to lift and carry.
3. Avoid leaning at a steep angle against a wall.
4. Store on a level surface in a dry, well-ventilated area. Protect face of each door with a cardboard to prevent scratches or marks. Provide center support when doors are stacked one above another to prevent sagging in the mid-section or deformation.
5. Doors must be stored in a dry, well ventilated area in an enclosed building. Cover doors to keep clean, but allow air circulation. Never store doors outdoor exposed to the elements.
6. Doors should be delivered to a job site only after plaster, stucco and/or cement is dry.
7. When stored for long periods or on the job site, doors must be protected and covered from all sides in order to prevent moisture absorption.
8. Door shall not be exposed to excessive moisture, heat, direct sunlight, and/or dryness.
9. Doors should not be stacked directly onto hard surfaces such cement floors in order to prevent scratches, chips and/or dents.
10. Delivery of doors must take into consideration the protection of the doors from damage due to movement during transportation and/or from exposure to the weather (i.e., doors must be completely covered when transportation is done in an open truck in a wet weather.

Finish & Care

All Wood Doors or Windows require sanding prior to finishing on all 6 surfaces. The desired look of the finished product will dictate the necessary sanding and application of stain or paint. While stain enhances and emphasizes any natural characteristics of the wood (like grain and knots), paint creates a unified coat that block these characteristics completely.

It is recommended that all wood doors are finished and sealed on all 6 surfaces within 72 hours of receiving product

Any handling marks, scratches or effects of exposure to elements and moisture should be removed completely by sanding all surfaces using appropriate grit sandpaper. Sanding should be done along the grain direction and special attention should be given to the removal of sanding dust prior to application of stain or paint. Do not use steel wool on oak veneers.

Stain should be applied to a small surface to ensure desired look and to test that there are no unfavorable reactions which may occur with some species of wood.

It is recommended to apply, prior to staining, a first coat of thinned clear sanding sealer on all 6 surfaces, followed by a light block sanding on all 6 surfaces. This step will promote a uniform absorption of stain finishes and minimize any subsequent handling marks.

Different finishes will require different numbers of staining coats. Apply one or more coats of stain and sealer as required on all 6 surfaces. It is recommended to sand in between coats.

At least two coats of top coat on all 6 surfaces are recommended to achieve best results of look and protection. Sanding is recommended following the application of each coat to best enhancement of the wood.

It is recommended that no water based finishes will be used as they are generally ineffective in blocking moisture. Use of water based sealers or primers will void warranty.

Special Note Regarding Finishing of Exterior Doors:

Prior to installation, exterior doors must be finished with at least three coats of an exterior grade sealer on all 6 surfaces.

For painted finishes, one coat of high grade exterior primer should be applied on all 6 surfaces, followed by three coats of high quality exterior grade paint on all 6 surfaces.

For natural finishes, oil based exterior grade stain should be used, followed by three coats of exterior marine spar varnish or other approved finish containing UV inhibitors to protect the door from sun damage. High gloss and lacquer based finishes are not recommended for exterior use.

Prolonged exposure to the elements will cause exterior sealers to deteriorate over time and will require constant maintenance as frequent as needed. Inspect finish periodically and refinish as necessary. Minimizing exposure to the elements will extend the livelihood of the wood and will minimize component movement inherent to wood windows and doors.


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